Best Kia Rio Bike Racks In 2022

A good-quality car bike rack is a ticket for your new adventure. When you load up your bike on your Kia Rio during travel, you are opening the chance of getting to new landscapes and exploring new tracks which you have not seen before. 

There can be many motivations behind the bike racks for your car, such as you want to participate in the weekend race, after-work ride, or visit some exotic locations. In all of these cases, we are listing some of the best bikes for you. 

Type Of Bike Racks

Mainly there are three main types of bike racks.

  • Towbar or Hitch-Mounted
  • Boot or Truck Mounted
  • Roof Mounted

1. Towbar or Hitch-Mounted

Image Name Bike And Load Capacity Per Bike Dimensions Is Foldable? Weight Amazon Shopping Links
Thule EasyFold XT 2 2 Bikes, 65 Pounds  48.4 x 25 x 26.75 inches Yes  45 Pounds  Check Price
Thule T2 Pro XT  2 Bikes, 30 Pounds 55 x 15 x 13 inches  Yes  52 Pounds Check Price
YAKIMA – FullSwing Hitch  4 Bikes, 60 Pounds  43.5 x 26 x 17.5 inches  Yes 56 Pounds  Check Price
Kuat Racks NV 2.0 2 Bikes, 60 Pounds   36 x 23 x 8.5 inches  Yes 62.13 Pounds  Check Price
Thule Apex XT   2 Bikes, 40 Pounds  45 x 15 x 12 inches   32 Pounds  Check Price
KAC K2  2 / 4 Bikes, 60 Pounds  36.89 x 61.02 x 38.11 inches Yes   60 Pounds Check Price
YAKIMA, RidgeBack Tilt-Away 2 / 4 / 5 Bikes, (N/A) Pounds    12.2 x 16.14 x 44.09 inches  No 33.07 Pounds  Check Price
MaxxHaul 50027 2 Bikes, 40 Pounds   ‎31.5 x 11.81 x 7.87 inches  No 33.1 Pounds  Check Price
Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch  4 Bikes, 35 Pounds  ‎26 x 13.6 x 4 inches  Yes  21 Pounds Check Price

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Towbar or hitch-mounted racks are the most popular option due to their easy working as we do not need to place the bike on the vehicle’s rooftop. In addition, this type of bike rack is more expensive than the other two models. 

In many models of hitch-mounted racks, we can easily secure the bike on the rack and the rack also firmly attaches to the vehicle. You can just fit them even with your single hand, and also you can easily attach the hinge to the boot of your vehicle without any need to remove the bike. 

The cost of the rack increases with the number of add-ons it may contain, such as lightweight materials, locks, and repair stands. For instance, if the towbar is missing, you will need to have one on the vehicle. 

Generally, the wheels of the bikes are secured with hitch-mounted racks. The front wheel is secured by the arm or may hang via top tubes.

2. Boot or Trunk Mounted

Image Name Bike And Load Capacity Per Bike Dimensions Is Foldable? Weight Amazon Shopping Links
Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top 2 / 3, 35 Pounds 9.8 x 19.69 x 19.8 inches Yes  19 Pounds Check Price
Thule Gateway Pro 2 / 3 Bikes, 35 Pounds 23.5 x 18 x 33 inches  Yes  14.7 Pounds Check Price
Saris Bones Car Bike Rack 2 / 3 / 4 Bikes, 35 Pounds 30 x 8 x 30 inches
 No 4 Kilograms Check Price
Thule 910XT Passage Trunk-Mount 2 / 3 Pounds, 35 Pounds 33.86 x 21.65 x 16.93 inches  No 9.7 Pounds Check Price
Allen Sports Premier 2 Bikes, 35 Pounds 23.62 x 13.58 x 4.72 inches  Yes
5 Kilograms
Check Price
Allen Ultra Compact 1 / 2 Bikes, N/A 14.37 x 7.28 x 3.54 inches Yes 2.7 Kilograms Check Price
Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mounted 2 / 3 / 4 Bikes, 35 Pounds 23.03 x 13.58 x 3.94 inches Yes 3.4 Kilograms Check Price
Allen Spare Tire Sports 2 Bikes, 35 Pounds 4.33 x 28.74 x 13.39 inches No ‎4.33 Kilograms Check Price

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If you are looking for the least expensive bike rack for your Kia Rio, then go for a boot-mounted one. But the downside is the safety aspect, as these racks are less secure as well. This type of rack is attacked with our vehicle’s trunk with the help of two strips. 

The upside is the adjustment of these racks, as they can be adjusted easily according to any type of vehicle. They have rubber or foam feet that grip the vehicle, while the straps are used to tighten the whole unit in an easy way. 

Cost-wise, it is an effective solution, but it only relies on how good you are tightening it. The friction due to hooks and straps sometimes scratches your vehicle’s paint job. In addition, the racks with the undermined quality do not possess a good locking system which may contribute to your vehicle’s stealing. 

3. Roof-Mounted

Image Name Bike And Load Capacity Per Bike Dimensions Is Foldable? Weight Amazon Shopping Links
SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2 Bikes, 45 Pounds 32 x 11 x 5 inches Yes 11.24 Pounds Check Price
Thule ProRide XT 1 Bike, (N/A) 58 x 13.5 x 4 inches  No 11 Pounds Check Price
Thule UpRide 1 Bike, 45 Pounds 64 x 13 x 4.3 inches  Yes 18.5 Pounds Check Price
SeaSucker Talon 1 Bike, 45 Pounds 15.35 x 3.54 x 13.78 inches  No 0.2 Kilograms Check Price
Thule 599001 1 Bike, 20 Kgs 64.96 x 4.72 x 12.6 inches  No 9.2 Kilograms Check Price
YAKIMA, FrontLoader 1 Bike, 44 Pounds 56.5 x 8.5 x 10 inches Yes 18 Pounds Check Price
Swagman UPRIGHT 1 Bike, 35 Pounds 3 x 8 x 34 inches Yes 5 Pounds Check Price

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In the roof-mounted racks, there are feet that attach to the car’s roof. They contain crossbars to which we can attach the accessories. Roof-mounted racks again come in two variants, and one is those in which the front wheel of the bike needs to be detached by us, while in another one, both wheels have to be intact with the bike. 

The racks in which the front wheel removal option is present are good if you want a lighter load. In addition, in tall SUVs, we want to reduce the height, so it is better to keep the bike at a lower height. 

While the racks in which both wheels are attached usually come in a high price range, and they are not very stable. But you can be at ease from frequent removing and installing the wheels. In both of the above options, you can easily secure your bike on the rack with the help of reliable locks. 

Best Hitch Bike Racks For Kia Rio

1. Thule EasyFold XT 2

It is a fully foldable, compact, and easy-to-use hitch-mounted rack for your car. You can attach a variety of bikes to it. If the bikes are heavier, you can load them easily with the optional loading ramp.

In addition, this fantastic rack gives you the opportunity to use your truck even when the bike is loaded. If you do not need it, just fold the rack to a compact size and put it in the trunk. 

  • This is compact in size with the option of fully foldable
  • The dimensions when it is fully foldable are 31 x 12 x 26 inches
  • Installation and Usage are easier
  • Access the trunk with the mounted bike
  • Fits all sizes of bikes
  • The rack has a higher load carrying capacity
  • The installation is tool free
  • Comes in black color
  • The material is aluminum and plastic
  • It has a powerful grip and can hold 130 lbs of load

2. Thule T2 Pro XT

If you are a demanding bike enthusiast, this Thule T2 Pro XT is for you. This rack can hold a variety of bikes and e-bikes securely to your vehicle. This rack has won many awards, and also it successfully passes many time tests. Its design has a robustness that attracts many bike lovers. 

The design is hassle-free as well, which makes it a lot easier for you to attach, use, remove and store. It is carefully designed so that you may carry it without any worry during your ride. In addition, this rack also qualified for the most demanding tests, which makes this a state-of-the-art product.

  • You can fit e-bikes and other variety of bikes
  • Easily attachment and removal 
  • You can also tilt down the rack and fold it up when not in use
  • The bike can be secured quickly without frame ratcheting arm

3. YAKIMA – FullSwing Hitch

You can easily connect the bike to the back of your vehicle. Fully padded arms are provided to secure the bike in a proper way. If you have multiple bikes at your home, this rack is the best option to securely carry them with your car. Some anti-sway cradles are provided to ensure that there is no contact between bike-to-bike and bike-to-vehicle. When you want to install the full swing hitch, you will not require any tools.

Includes SKS (Same Key System) locks to keep your bicycles and storage racks safe from theft so you can go on adventures worry-free. In addition, there is also an included bottle opener. This rack is not suitable for tandem or recumbent bikes. 

  • This bike can hold four bikes at a time
  • The maximum per bike load can be 40 pounds 
  • Bike mounting is in the hanging position
  • You may access the trunk by swinging the rack to side way

4. Kuat Racks NV 2.0

Are your hands busy? Not a problem anymore! Full hands? Not an issue. With the new pivot, you can load your ride on the rack without lifting a finger by gently lowering the NV with a foot tap. This rack attracted many people due to its design, style, security, and ease of use. The rack is best suited for any bike, and you can use it for a longer journey.

You can compare this rack with any of the best features one. In addition, it also features expandability. Also, the front tire system can also be adjusted and centered with a foot assistant. You can also find a trail doc in it. 

  • Comes with a fully integrated cable locking and hitch locking system. 
  • Ratchet for the front tire that has an easy release
  • Wheel protection is provided by the rear tire strap’s co-molded strap.
  • Hand tight hitch cam system without tools
  • superior gloss metallic powder with logos that were water-transferred
  • both 2″ and 1.25″ hitch sizes are available.
  • NOT RV friendly

5. Thule Apex XT

This is a premium hitch bike rack that can fit a single person’s needs or an entire family, providing you superior bike protection, and multiple sizes of bikes can be attached to his rack. This rack offers superior bike stability; the anti-sway, which is built-in, ensures that there is no bike-to-bike contact. You can also disappear this anti-sway when it is not needed by you. 

During transportation, your bikes remain safe and secure as there are almost 7 inches of gap between each bike. The ratching cradle strap makes quick and eBay mounting of your bike. Due to the compact cradle design, you can easily mount multiple bikes of various sizes. In addition, as an added security, you may lock your bikes with a built-in cable lock. 

  • When the rack is not in use, bike arms are simply folded down.
  • Utilizing the HitchSwitch lever to tilt the rack down, it is simple to access the car’s rear.
  • Because of the integrated grab handle, it is simple to carry and handle.
  • Due to the tool-free SnugTite stinger, the rack is quick to install and simple to lock to the vehicle (lock included)
  • transfer between 1.25″ and 2″ hitch receivers without difficulty
  • Can carry up to 75 lbs of load
  • Premium Quality with stable and superior fit

6. KAC K2

KAC K2 is a hitch-mounted bike rack that can accommodate two bikes at a time. This is a versatile bike-mounted rack with a 2 inches hitch receiver. This is a superb bike holder and can hold up to 60 pounds of like weight. In addition, it can also accommodate fat tires and bicycles. The rack has some adjustable padded hook arms, which are great supportive hooks for your bikes. In addition, the 5” wheel holders are responsible for providing a firm grip to any sort and size of bike tires with variable suspension and frame sizes. 

To secure your bikes in place, lock the top hook arm using the provided key. Your bike rack is further secured by the locking hitch pin. Add an anti-wobble mechanism for a stable, smooth ride and a rear reflector for increased visibility to finish it off.

  • 120 lb. weight capacity (2.00 in. Hitch Size 2 Bike Carrier; 60 lb. per bike)
  • Fits Most Fat Tires and Electric Bikes
  • Not Rated for 5th Wheel or RV
  • consists of a padded hook that can be slid down over the bike frame to provide a firm hold.
  • Adaptable sliding wheel holder that will take wheels with up to a 54-inch wheelbase
  • Contains a movable knob that holds the bike in place.

7. YAKIMA, RidgeBack Tilt-Away

This hitch rack has a long list of beneficial features which make it an outstanding product. The Upperhand control lever is a great addition which adds easy access to the vehicle. In addition, it also includes hassle-free strips to hold the bike firmly.

You can fold it flatly; thus, storage with convenience is ensured in this rack. However, four bikes can be carried by the Yakima RidgeBack 4-bike hitch rack, which also comes fully assembled and tilts down for simple access to the back of your car.

  • With the distinctive bottle opener from Yakima, enjoy a cold one.
  • For non-conventional, step-through, BMX, and children’s bikes, as well as some full suspension bikes, it is necessary to use the TubeTopTM (sold separately).
  • 1.25″ and 2″ hitch receiver compatible.
  • Transports up to 4 bikes. Additionally offered in 2 or 5 bike capacities.
  • Utilize the HandCuff locking cable to secure your bicycles to the rack (sold separately).
  • It carries a lifetime warranty.

8. MaxxHaul 50027

This bike rack comes with two padded foam hooks so that during travel, the bikes are firmly placed at their location. In this way, we are not compromising the finish of the bike. There are hood and tire cradles which can easily fit bikes with tire sizes of 20 to 26 inches. When you want to store the rack, you can remove the vertical post easily. Thus storage becomes compact and handy. 

You can adjust the bike tires along the horizontal bars as they provide enough stability and grip. Furthermore, the rubber straps are also provided to deliver you the secure experience you are looking for.

  • Can hold up to 40 pounds load of each bike
  • It has a universal type of fit
  • Comes in black color with an anti-theft lock
  • The rack itself weighs 32.9 pounds
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty

9. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch

By using this Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch, you are free to take your bike anywhere you want. This amazing carrier comes with a tie-down system that allows us to safely and securely travel our bikes on the car’s back. The larger 22 inches of carrier arms are suitable and designed to hold four bikes at a time. In addition, you can add 2” hitches with this rack. The rack’s folding arms are very useful as you can take them down when not in use. 

  • The 22″ carry arms have enough room for up to 4 bikes.
  • When not in use, the arms of the rack can be folded down out of the way.
  • Bikes are individually secured and protected by a tie-down system for secure transport.
  • Included Rack inside the receiver hitch is fixed with a movement-free installation thanks to No-Wobble Bolt.
  • When not in use, the arms fold out of the way, and the rack can tilt back as necessary.
  • Your bicycles are held safely and securely in patented individual tie-down cradles.
  • allows for a variety of bicycle frame designs
  • Some assembly is needed.
  • Can carry a load of up to 140 pounds and four bicycles

Best Trunk Mount Bike Rack For Kia Rio

1. Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top

This is one of the best trunk mount bike racks for your car. This amazing rack also comes with spoilers. This rack is lighter in weight, and you can install it easily in no time. It has a high-rise frame that disallows any contact between the strap and the spoiler. Its design is quite elegant, and you may install and detach it very easily. 

  • Each bike can support 35 lbs of weight.
  • For use with vehicles that have spoilers
  • includes specific roof rack and glass hatch attachment straps
  • The bike’s finish is protected by soft rubber cradles.
  • Anti-sway bike cradles keep bikes rigidly segregated.
  • Hubs for quick adjustments
  • comes completely assembled.
  • flattens to allow for simple storage
  • Built-in tie-down strap for added security
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

2. Thule Gateway Pro

It is a robust trunk hold bike rack that can securely hold the bikes. It is easy to use and foldable, which makes this compact rack addition during non-usage and travel. The Thule Gateway Pro 2-Bike trunk rack is a reliable option that is simple to use and store, securely holds up to 2 bikes, and folds away neatly when not in use.

It has a compact cradle design that can easily hold a wide range of bikes and various frame sizes. You can easily secure them as the rack has ratcheting straps for the purpose. In addition, the integrated 7-inch anti-sway ensures that there is no bike-to-bike contact. 

  • When not in use, rack arms collapse and independently adjust to fit a variety of bikes.
  • Access straps can be tucked away to safeguard the finish of your car.
  • flattens when folded for easy storage
  • During short stops, an integrated cable lock secures the bikes to the rack.
  • Using an optional Thule Lock Strap, secure the rack to your car (not included)
  • Can hold weight up to 35 pounds per bike
  • It has a built-in integrated locking mechanism
  • The rack itself weighs 13 lbs. 

3. Saris Bones Car Bike Rack

This is not just a good-looking rack, but it also possesses some amazing and useful features as well. It was conceived by Italian designer Fabio Petrini, and the design received a 4.5/5 star rating in bicycling magazine.

This rack is a mix of superior design and quality, convenience, and durability in Usage. It has an arc-based design that sufficiently separates that can be fit on many designs, and the bikes can be separated on various levels. 

  • Straps with spring buckles and vinyl-coated hooks.
  • The strongest frame is available.
  • Constructed with only recyclable materials.
  • Plastic injection molded without rust.
  • Rubber feet that can move to protect the paint.
  • Anti-sway straps with ratchets for a firm hold.
  • Bikes are divided into different levels using an arc-based design.
  • Over most spoilers, the frame fits.

4. Thule 910XT Passage Trunk-Mount

With the Thule Passage 2 rear bike trunk rack, you can transport up to 2 bikes to your preferred mountain biking trail, city bike path, or summer vacation destination with ease. It has soft rubber cradles that protect the bike from destabilizing, and also the paint is protected from scratches.

In addition, the cradle arms are narrow so that you can place a bike of any size, even the bikes of children. There are six straps that securely hold the rack to the car, and the buckles are vinyl coated which not only provides a strong grip but also ensures protection against scratches on vehicles. 

  • Bikes are prevented from coming into contact with one another while being transported by a built-in anti-sway.
  • The FitDial from Thule is simple to use and offers hassle-free installation.
  • The trunk and hatch are shielded by SoftCushionTM pads. When not in use, the arms on the Thule Passage 2 rear bike trunk rack fold down.
  • Many wagons, SUVs, and sedans can use the Thule Passage 2 trunk bike rack; for information on fit, please refer to the Thule Fit Guide.
  • Not designed for tandem or recumbent bikes; an adapter (sold separately) is needed to transport bikes with step-through frames.
  • You can add a load of 35 pounds per bike. 

5. Allen Sports Premier

The design can be set by you quickly, and also it is a patented one. This rack contains some of the innovative features that are loved by the owners. When you are looking for a perfect rear rack for mounting your bike, Allen Sports Premier comes as your first choice”.

The design is simple and sturdy that can fit almost all the sedans and other vehicles such as hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs. You can also contact the manufacturer about the specific design that fits your vehicle. 

  • Quick snap setup technology that is patented enables super-fast setup right out of the box.
  • Your bicycles are secured during transport by individual dual compound tie-downs with quick-secure straps.
  • Wide profile vehicle pads cushion your car from damage while distributing the weight of the bicycles and rack.
  • Installs instantly and is fully assembled.
  • The vehicle is protected by a padded lower frame, and the left and right side straps provide lateral stability.

6. Allen Ultra Compact 

The Allen ultra-compact bike rack is smaller in size but delivers all the essential features of a modern, trendy and useful bike rack for your car. It is also Allen’s patented design with the additional feature of foldability that makes it the prime choice of many owners and excursions by bike lovers. 

  • The straightforward, robust style fits the majority of sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs. For specific vehicle fit, consult the manufacturer’s website.
  • 2-bike ultra-compact carrier for commuting and traveling
  • solitary tie-downs bicycle safety and protection
  • A 5-strap attachment system that is simple to use ensures a tight fit on your vehicle.
  • Fits inside a backpack or carrying bag (included) and folds down small.
  • The vehicle is shielded by the padded lower frame.
  • Fully assembled
  • Its extremely small folded size makes it ideal for transportation and storage when not in use.
  • Your bicycle is secured and protected by dual compound tie-down cradles.
  • Comes with a useful storage bag.
  • A bicycle is shielded from a vehicle by a padded lower frame.

7. Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mounted

According to its name, it is a truly deluxe bike rack by renowned manufacturer Allen. This bike carrier is an ideal addition to your car if you want to enjoy your weekends with family and friends or you just want to undertake a long adventurous trip across the country.

This design comes in front of consumers after years of hard work, brainstorming, and efforts. Thus, ensuring an enthusiastic adventure for bike lovers. 

  • Fits most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs with ease and durability. For specific vehicle fit, consult Rack Finder.
  • A single configuration design eliminates installation setup hassles and headaches.
  • Your bicycles are kept safe and secure by a patented individual tie-down system.
  • The vehicle is protected by a padded lower frame, and the left and right side straps provide lateral stability.
  • Installs instantly and is fully assembled.
  • Folds completely flat for simple storage.
  • The design is a variant to hold 2,3 or even four bikes at a time.

8. Allen Spare Tire Sports

This design is fantastic as it is patented with the tire bike rack design. You can take your bike to the height you want by keeping it safe from the road and the hot air coming from the vehicle’s exhaust. This design is supportive of holding at least two bikes at a time.

Carry arms have a narrow width so that we can place any type of bike of any size. In addition, the updated design is enough to hold on to any type of oversized spare car tire. The extra wide bottom foot is designed to place the maximum weight on the rear tire instead of the rim.

  • Bikes are carried high, away from the road and the hot exhaust, by a patented design.
  • Two bicycles are easily fit by the 15′′ long carry arms (up to 70 lb.)
  • Fits almost all externally mounted spare tyres, even those with third brake lights over the tyre.
  • Individual tie-down cradles that are patented secure and shield bicycles.
  • A bottom foot that extra wide support weight on the rear tire rather than the rim.

Best Roof Top Bike Racks For Kia Rio

1. SeaSucker Mini Bomber

When it comes to roof-mounted racks for bikes, this mini bomber is known for its most versatile design. If you are an e-bike rider, then it is a recommended choice and model from our side. This rack gives a fork-type look, and you can attach two bikes with it. In addition to attaching to the roof, you can also be Designed for a hatchback, trunk, or rooftop attachment.

  • Attaches to surfaces made of metal, glass, or fiberglass.
  • 3/4″ thick body made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for durability and strength.
  •  A roughly 8″ by 27″ footprint. 3 Stands “tall without the fork mount. 6.75 “utilizing fork mount.
  • About 12 pounds. Attach this rack to the car’s trunk or the back of your SUV. It has an HDPE body that is flexible according to the car’s curves. You can easily fit this rack on any type of car. A lesser assembly is needed on this rack. 
  • The Mini Bomber 2-Bike Rack is held firmly on your car’s roof, trunk, or back glass by four strong vacuum mounts with 210 lb pull-strength ratings.
  • Two HUSKE Universal Fork Mounts.
  • Two Rear Wheel Straps with 22 inches of Velcro for securing the back tires. These straps can fit the majority of fat bike tyres.
  • An additional SeaSucker pump.
  • Two crank arm straps (prevents pedals from contacting the roof).
  • Holds two bicycles that each weigh up to 45 pounds.

2. Thule ProRide XT

The upright Thule ProRide XT rooftop bike rack makes it easy to load and unload your wheels when you need to rapidly switch from four to two. It is designed to transport a bike that weighs up to 44 lbs.

You can automatically position your bike on the tray, which has a unique design, and also, the placement of the bike is quite secure. It has large and soft claw pads so that they can put pressure on the bike to hold it in a firm position and also not damage the paint. The lower jaws are extended so that the bike may not fall when loading or unloading.

  • It can hold up to 44 pounds per bike; the rack itself weighs 11 pounds.
  • With a clear indication for proper mounting, the torque limiter dial regulates the force entering the bicycle frame.
  • Your wheels are firmly attached thanks to cleverly constructed wheel holders with diagonal quick-release straps.
  • Two lock cylinders (sold separately) lock the carrier to the rack and the bike to the carrier.
  • Imported. Mounts to all round bars and Thule rack systems, as well as the majority of factory racks. The tool-free interface enables switching the carrier from one side of your car to the other simply.

3. Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack

Thule Upride is the universal upright bike rack for faster and more secure bike mounting with no frame contact. When there is no contact with the bike frame, this is good if you have carbon fiber frames for your bike.

This rack is a universal fit for all types of bikes, mountain bikes, and fat bikes as well. In addition, you do not need to remove the front wheel as it provides a foolproof loading that is secured. It also has a built-in lock that prevents any type of theft. 

  • A maximum load of 44 pounds per bike can be accommodated.
  • Only the front wheel is safely grabbed by the hook, preventing contact with the bike frame.
  • Bikes with unconventional frame designs, rear suspension, and bottle cages can be accommodated by the versatile design.
  • Fits most 20-29 inch wheel bicycles with tyres up to 3 inches wide or up to 5 inches with the Thule UpRide Fat-Bike Adapter not included. The simple interface allows you to switch the bike rack from one side of your car to the other.
  • The bike is secured to the bike rack by a retractable wire at the end of the tray; the lock core is sold separately.

4. SeaSucker Talon

When it comes to bike racks that are roof-mounted, this SeaSucker talon is a number one seller. Its shape resembles a fork. It has three powerful vacuum cups that hold firmly against the car roof, trunk or even at the back glass of the car. This rack is smaller and portable, as you can easily put this in any luggage carrier and take it along your adventure trips. By the installation aspect, this is the easiest one which you can fit on any car. 

  •  Supports up to 45 lbs. per bicycle.
  •  Designed for a hatchback, trunk, or rooftop attachment.
  •  Attaches to surfaces made of metal, glass, or fiberglass.
  •  1/2″ thick body made of high-density polyethene (HDPE) for durability and strength.
  •  A 15″ by 13″ footprint roughly. 3 Stands tall without the fork mount. 6.75 “utilizing fork mount.
  •  About 6 pounds.

5. Thule 598001

For the quickest, easiest mounting of bikes up to 20 kg, use an upright bike rack. The bike can be loaded quickly and easily thanks to the specially crafted frame holder and wheel tray. Once the motorcycle is securely fastened, the torque-limiting dial sends a loud signal. With the help of diagonal quick-release wheel straps, the cleverly created wheel holders firmly fix the wheels, eliminating any swaying during transit. 

Thanks to simple, tool-free swapping of the bike carrier from one side to the other, you can mount and secure the bike from either side of the vehicle.

  • Holds one bike that weighs up to 45 pounds each.
  • Designed for a hatchback, trunk, or rooftop attachment.
  • Attaches to surfaces made of metal, glass, or fiberglass.
  • 1/2″ thick body made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for durability and strength.
  • A 15″ by 13″ footprint roughly. 3 Stands tall without the fork mount. 6.75 “utilizing fork mount.

6. YAKIMA – FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount

Your friends will praise you by seeing this versatile aerodynamic car rack for your bike. This rack is suitable for carrying the whole bike without the need to remove any wheel. It has a universal mounting that is suitable to fit bikes of any size. 

  • The round, square, factory, or aerodynamic crossbars from Yakima
  • No touch with the frame; bespoke paint treatments and carbon fiber are safeguarded.
  • Supports full suspension bikes, thru-axles, and disc brakes.
  • While you secure the bike to the mount, hold the bike upright.
  • For simpler loading, keep your front wheel engaged (some fenders may need to be removed to transport the bike)
  • No assembly or tools are needed.
  • Fits wheels from 20″ to 27.5″ with a maximum tyre width of 3″ and wheels from 29″ with a maximum tyre width of 2.7″ SKS. One bike, up to 40 lbs at a minimum crossbar spread of 18 inches, or up to 30 lbs at a minimum crossbar spread of 16 inches, separate solid locks 
  • Fits bicycles with wheelbases up to 48.”

7. Swagman UPRIGHT

This is an affordable and secure roof bike rack. You can carry one bike on the roof without the need to dismantle its wheel. You can install it in an easy way, and it fits almost all types of crossbars, including oval, square, and rounds up to 3 inches.

The straps are tied on each wheel of the bike, thus securing it. You can lock the clamp as it is designed to fit the tires with a 3” wide size. The rack can hold a maximum weight of 35 pounds. 

  • Fits crossbars up to 3″ broad that are square, round, or oval.
  • 35 lb maximum weight limit
  • Your bike’s downtube is secured by a locking clamp.
  • simple assembly without tools
  • fits bicycles with a 54″ or shorter wheelbase
  • Suitable for tyres up to 3″ wide
  • One bike, up to 40 lbs with a minimum crossbar spread of 18 inches; or up to 30 lbs at a minimum crossbar spread of 16 inches

What to Consider When Buying a Bike Rack?

There are a number of aspects that you may consider while buying a bike rack for holding your bike in the car. 

No of Bikes

The first thing is your decision about how many bikes you need to carry at a time. The bike racks, regardless of their mounting class, have many cradles to support multiple bikes at once. Moreover, the rack weight holding capacity is also important when we are deciding on holding multiple bicycles. 

If the rack is only holding a single bike, then it is the recommended weight from the manufacturer. Manufacturers frequently indicate weight per bike if it transports more than one bike. Along with the number of bikes, it can hold, the rack’s maximum weight is also crucial. Therefore, when deciding how many bikes to bring, you shouldn’t forget to take this into account.

The type of car

Many people think about which car rack is suitable for them, but in the end, they purchase the wrong one, which causes trouble for them. Understanding the car’s model is essential to deciding which car rack is needed by you. 

Many manufacturers provide different vehicle fit guides, so it is better to get help from them to reach the right model. You should also look at your car’s setup. What size has it got if it has a receiver trailer hitch or crossbar? These typically come in sizes of 1.25″ or 2″.


After you have considered all other factors, the price may be the most important aspect for many customers as the cost is the decisive factor that allows you to buy the particular type of car rack.


If you are keen to address the security issue of your bike, then go for a rack that gives you the best security features. It is not necessary that each rack provides you with the security you want, as some of the racks may or may not have a locking mechanism. 

Depending on how the rack is initially installed, a security feature may or may not be effective. So avoid taking chances. To ensure proper installation, read the entire manual if necessary. Ask if you have time constraints. The lack of integrated locking mechanisms in trunk racks is extremely unfortunate.

Fuel Economy

By looking at the fuel consumption of your car, you may notice that it slightly rises due to the heavier bike racks. So if you are conscious of fuel consumption, it is recommended to rethink having a car rack. In general, bike racks can increase the consumption of fuel by almost 30%. This increment is due to the aerodynamic change of the vehicle. 


Are bike racks safe?

Nowadays, a number of bike racks with different varieties are available. The bike racks also come with plentiful locking systems, which make them a safe and secure choice.

Are rear bike racks universal?

No, not all rear bike racks are universal, so you have to check them according to the model before shopping for them.

Can you put a bike rack on any car?

The bike racks are adjustable, but they are not universal and fit every model. For an SUV or a truck, you can have a roof-mounted bike rack. But for a small or compact car, you can have a hatchback rack.

Can you leave a bike rack in your car?

Yes, it is pretty OK to leave a bike rack in your car even when there is no bike attached to it. However, some owners prefer detaching it to save fuel consumption.

Are bike racks removable?

When a bike rack is installed, it occasionally remains there permanently. It can only be removed by wrecking the surface it is installed in. However, there are options for removable bike racks that provide the same level of bicycle security while also making it simple to remove or replace the rack.

Can you put a bike rack on a leased car?

If you have a leased car, it is better to check with the dealership before placing any accessories, like a bike rack, on your car. However, it is not the issue since racks improve and enhance the resale value of your car. 

Can you go through a carwash with a bike rack?

No, do not take your car with a bike rack onto the car wash as the washing on the car wash may damage the rack. In addition, this type of damage may not be covered by a warranty. 

How fast can you drive with a bike rack?

Someone has experienced a speed of 95 mph with the bike on the roof. Similarly, in many vehicles, whether or not the bike is on top, the average highway speed is about 75 to 80 mph.

Can a bike rack cover your license plate?

Yes, some bike racks may cover your license plate with the bike on, and legally it is not a good choice to cover the license plates with bike racks. So it is wise to install bike racks that do not cover your plates or vehicle identities.

Can a bike rack damage a car?

There are many bike racks for your cars that may damage the car’s paint. Trunk-mounted racks mostly scratch the paint of your car, while hitch or roof racks do not. 

Can you put an e-bike on a regular bike rack?

A regular bike rack is not compatible with electric bikes due to weight issues. The regular rack only supports 35 lbs, while most e-bikes are heavier and range between 30 – 70 pounds.

Can you use a bike rack with a spoiler?

There is a very strong chance that you won’t be capable of mounting a bike rack on the hatch of your car if it has a plastic rear spoiler because these plastic spoilers are not strong enough to support the weight of the rack, and the mounted bikes.

How much weight can a bike rack hold?

Weight holding capacity is different for different types of car racks. Normally, the car racks can hold between 37-188 pounds (17 to 85 kg) of load.


Bike racks act as a holding stand for your bike when you want to attach them to your vehicle. Primarily there are three different types of bike mounting racks available for cars, including roof mounting, trunk mounting, and hitch mounting.

You can use the one which suits your car and also the affordability of the price. You may benefit from our shared list of some of the best-selected racks for your bike. 

When choosing the bike rack, you have to consider some aspects like how many bikes you want to attach, how much budget you have, what are your car type, security features, and the fuel consumption factor.

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